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Slight Delays for NJ State Income Tax Refunds

Expect at least one of your tax refunds to come later than usual, officials say.

The state Division of Taxation says it is using additional tools to protect New Jersey taxpayers from refund fraud and identity theft, causing a “slight delay” in refunds for early filers.

The delay only impacts the state income tax refund, not the federal refund.

“Processing returns and distributing refunds safely and efficiently is a key goal for the Division,” the division said. “We appreciate your patience.”

The division, in the announcement on its website, said returns filed electronically may take a minimum of four weeks to validate and process.

Returns filed on paper may take a minimum of 12 weeks to validate and process, according to the division.

Will Rijksen, a spokesman for the state Treasury Department, said in a statement that anti-fraud initiatives “have to be revised every year, because perpetrators are becoming more adept at refund fraud, a crime that costs the federal government billions of dollars each year.”

There are two ways to check on the status of your refund: click on the “Online Refund Service” or call the division’s automated refund system at 1-800-323-4400.

If you have any questions or if you would like more information, contact Fred Schutz at (856) 722-5300 ext. 201 or Dave Gill at ext. 210.